• Optimization of the Value Activities and Resource Utilization Configuration in the Software and Consumer Electronics Sectors


    Olympia leverages its longstanding relationships with consumer electronics factories in China and Southeast Asia to bring to market competitive and quality products. The average product cycle for any consumer electronics products is 12-24 months on average. It is crucial to have a supply chain that is tightly connected and where chain links interests are interconnected and invested in each other with a long term vision.

  • Distribution

    Just as Olympia is confident in its capabilities in sourcing the best possible product thanks to its extensive direct network of factories, it is even more invested in the success of the products it produces for its customers.

  • Sub Licensing

    Software re-publishing and sub-licensing is in the DNA of Olympia. We have been successfully distributing software in all parts of the world for over 25 years through our sister companies in the US and Europe. Our vast network of distributors allows us to successfully and swiftly deploy titles simultaneously in all four corners of the globe.

  • Private Equity

    Any company is committed to its clients and its suppliers. The difference between Olympia and its competition is that we ready to invest our own financial resources in the future of our partners up and down the chain. When we sub-license a product from an IP owner, our focus is not only on maximizing our share of the royalties. We are most interested in accompanying the IP owner in its life journey.

Olympia: A rising star in global product/software marketing strategies design and implementation.

Olympia believes that any marketing strategy has to be flexible and rapidly adaptable to the ever changing global business environment. We are so confident in these principles that we not only assist our customers in optimizing their sourcing processes and the marketing of their products but we also invest our own resources in some of these products and software title through our sister company Richdale Ventures.

Why Olympia?