Olympia: A rising star in global product/software marketing strategies
design and implementation.

Bringing a product to market is a daunting task that requires significant human and financial resources to be invested without any guarantee of positive outcomes. Innovative marketing plans, sound forecasting models and a fluid supply chain are all value activities that mitigate, to a certain extent, the controllable aspect of the risk involved in investing in a new product. However, the uncontrollable risk portion of the introduction of a product/service to market remains the delicate part any company tries to mitigate.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Olympia Limited is a sourcing and licensing company that implements innovative principles to redefine how new products should be introduced to market. The traditional linear approach to marketing a product, which in its simplest form looks like the following: Product Idea > Market Research > Product Design > Introduction to Market, is very time consuming and ties up resources that are more and more scarce. In the globalized world we live in, product cycles are shorter and trends that can reshape industries change frequently.

We at Olympia strive to cut the time-to-market of all our products. Olympia leverages the decades of experience of its team in manufacturing, sales and finance to create an optimal ecosystem to not only maximize the success rates of new products but to also seamlessly and cost-effectively replace them at the end of their product cycles.

Olympia believes that any marketing strategy has to be flexible and rapidly adaptable to the ever changing global business environment. We are so confident in these principles that we not only assist our customers in optimizing their sourcing processes and the marketing of their products but we also invest our own resources in some of these products and software title through our sister company Richdale Ventures.

Olympia is more than just a sourcing company. Through our global distribution network in the consumer electronics and software industries, we are capable of securing customers for products while still in development.

This privileged position is the differentiator that makes Olympia a rising star in global product/software marketing strategies design and implementation.

Optimization of the Value Activities and Resource Utilization Configuration in the Software and Consumer Electronics Sectors